Feel how you feel

I had a bad day today. Something happened before lunchtime and I ended up spending my lunch hour at home sobbing into my pillow with my kitty cat and my jim jams on – sad huh? Not really, just normal I think. It wasn’t really that bad, but it had just come out of the blue and got to me ya know? Taken me by surprise and the unexpectedness of it had brought on the tears, no one wants to the girl that cries at work either, so slid on out to the car and snuck off home for a bit.

I think I just needed a few minutes to be upset about it and then some time to talk about it. It was at this point without everyone else’s opinions blurring my vision that I realised it wasn’t exactly as I thought it was. The awful thing that had happened wasn’t as awful as I thought it was and it was actually probably quite a nice thing in disguise. But someone had told me it was awful and I automatically assumed that they were right about it.

It goes to show how easily innfluenced I can be, and we as a general human race. Someone says something and we just assume that what they are saying is right without any further thought. So here’s a thought, that person that tells you things are bad or good and offers opinions and advice all the time – they might be wrong. Because at the end of the day you know you better than anyone else does. You know how you feel about things and you know the situations you are in and they don’t, not really.

So next time someone tells you something is wrong or right, bad or good, think for a moment and consider whether that is the way YOU feel about it. Because what is important is how you feel about things, not how others feel about things. Please don’t pretend to feel one way about something purely because it’s the way you are ‘meant’ to feel, feel what you feel. Because feelings aren’t right or wrong, they are just that, feelings. So do me a favour – make sure you are feeling how you are feeling, not how anyone else is feeling.


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