My top 3 first date ideas

My absolute least fave thing to do on a first date is to go for dinner. I think it puts way too much pressure on when you are meeting someone for the first time. Think about it… In what normal situation would you be forced to sit in front of someone you don’t know and eat a plate of food? There are way too many variables – what if you spill food down yourself? What if you panic when you are ordering and the waiter can’t understand and you have to repeat yourself? What if you hate the guy and there is literally no way of making an exit? Too much to worry about! Which is why I propose the following 3 things as my top first date ideas. You are going to tell me that they are boring and so conventional, but they are traditional and established for a reason, I promise you. So here they are:

  1. Just meet for a drink. Now as classic as it may be, its got to be the top one right? And here’s why: its easy and its simple and you both know where you stand. You meet at a local pub or bar and we all know where the boundaries lie. You can have some dutch courage to make you feel a little bit more confident and take the edge off (not too much mind), and its easy to get up and leave if you have to. Because lets be honest, sometimes you meet people and you just don’t get on with them – no shame in it! But equally it can go on as long as you want if you are having a good time. The best dates I have had have been having a couple of drinks in a nice pub by the river and just talking. Chatting about rubbish and not talking about work and all that dull old lark.
  2. Just grab a coffee. This is the equivalent to number one, but minus the alcohol. So if you are a massive lightweight and one JD and coke is going to tip you over the edge, this is the one to go for, equally if for some strange reason you don’t drink. Again, we all know where we stand with a coffee and again you can get up and leave if you have to. Its good if you are going on your date in the morning or the middle of the day and its a bit early to start on the alcohol. Plus if they take you to Starbucks you then immediately know you can’t go on a second date with them because they clearly don’t like coffee.
  3. Go for a walk. Now this is a bit of a different one but I like it for a few reasons. Firstly, if you are really nervous about meeting this person and you think your nervous ticks are going to give you away, actually doing something during the date is really good at hiding this. If you are walking, you legs can’t nervously jump up and down and there is no way you can knock a drink flying off the table. If you struggle with things like making eye contact this is great because you don’t actually have to look one another in the eye. Also, if you tend to find it difficult to think of things to talk about, going for a walk is a great idea as it generates things for you to discuss as you go along. If you find the typical ‘first date’ scenario a bit daunting and intense then this is the one for you.


So like I said, they are typical and established classics for a reason. They keep the stress to a minimum and you can save the expense of a nice meal or tickets to go zorbing for when you know the person you are dating a bit better. You have enough to worry about without having to worry about taking part in a new activity and whether your gym leggings are going to show your cellulite. Just keep it simple (I’m bored of hearing myself say that now).


4 thoughts on “My top 3 first date ideas

  1. Agreed again, dinner dates can be saved for later on down the road (: and especially movie dates! I’ve often wondered why people ask others out on dates to the cinema…where you shouldn’t be talking and probably won’t even look at each other lol awesome post yet again, great job xoxo

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